If you are looking for a career in either firefighting or emergency services, volunteering with the Terryville Fire Department is a wonderful place to begin. While volunteer firefighters and EMTs are just that, volunteers, many of our members will tell you that the free training that they received helped them start their career in the field of emergency services.


After being sworn in, you will become a probationary member for approximately one year.  Transfers from other departments may serve only a a six-month orientation based on individual experience.  As a probationary member, you will enter our comprehensive Probationary Training Program which takes approximately six months to complete.  Probationary trainings are held each week.  In conjunction, you will attend classes through the Suffolk County Fire Academy, eventually earning your Firefighter I Certification.  Probationary EMS members will be required to obtain an EMT certification within one year (may be extended due to course scheduling).

Your first year will be very demanding so only those with the commitment and the drive to serve your community are encouraged to submit an application.  We have members that have families and hold multiple jobs, yet still find the time to be active and important members of our department.


Benefits of being a volunteer include a property tax deduction, participation in the Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP), tuition assistance through Suffolk Community College, excellent training and friendships that will last a lifetime.


If you would like to apply for membership, please complete the form below (specify in the comments box whether you are interested in Firefighting, EMS, or both.  The Chiefs Office will send you an application with more information and instructions.  If you are passing one of our fire stations and see our members out and about, feel free to stop in and ask us some questions.